Commercial EV Charger Services to East Midlands Businesses

Stator EV Charging provides electric vehicle charge point supply and installation services to commercial organisations throughout the East Midlands. We are conversant with all brands, types, and styles of EV Charge Points. With capabilities to undertake all types of earthing and installation work, as well as ad-hoc EV charge point repairs and ongoing maintenance, there is a Stator EV Charging Engineer nearby all Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and wider East Midlands organisations now!

Why EV Charging?

Electric Vehicle technology has evolved to such a level that the capabilities, benefits, and possibilities for East Midlands businesses now outweigh traditional fossil-fuel vehicles. The electric vehicle market offers vehicles to suit all types of organisations and EV charger technology is readily available for all types, and sizes of businesses. Providing EV charging on your premises enables you to switch to cheaper, greener transportation, reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint and positioning your branding as socially responsible and forward-thinking.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Technology

Electric vehicle charger technology is as advanced as the new generation of electric vehicles. There’s an EV Charger unit to suit all organisations’ budgets, with chargers coming in a variety of power configurations, from 3.6kW, the faster-charging 7kW chargers, as well as 22kW chargers, which require three-phase electrical supplies that charge rapidly.

Although electrical supplies vary from business to business, there is a charger featuring a suitable configuration of O-PEN earthing technology to ensure the safe usage of the EV charger. EV chargers can be installed in conjunction with standalone O-PEN devices, and a number of modern EV charge devices are complete with their own O-PEN.

As well as being available in several power and earthing configurations, EV Chargers are also available in several sizes and styles, with EV Chargers even available in colours and textures to blend seamlessly into your business premises.

For smaller rooms, as the name suggests, these units fit into the window of a room. With a lower up-front cost, units work on a cycle basis, meaning that they cool a room, and then switch off once the set temperature is reached. They will then reactivate once the temperature begins to rise.

EV Charger Maintenance in the East Midlands

Stator EV Charging is, not only on hand to install EV charge units throughout the East Midlands, but we also provide several EV Charger maintenance services, guaranteeing business continuity.

With EV Charging Engineers located throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and the wider East Midlands, an Engineer can be on-site rapidly to carry out repairs, undertake replacements, and all perform forms of maintenance work.

About the Stator EV Charge Team

Stator EV Charging has been at the forefront of EV Charging technology within the East Midlands for some years now. Every member of the Stator EV Charging team is as qualified as they are passionate about electric vehicle technology. The Stator EV Charging team has working knowledge and experience fitting, repairing, and maintaining every type and every brand of EV Charger. There’s a Stator EV Charger Engineer located within every East Midlands city, from Nottingham to Derby, Mansfield to Chesterfield, as well as Leicester and Burton upon Trent.

Stator EV Charging works closely with all EV Charger brands and suppliers and endeavours to maintain and develop the skills and capabilities of all Engineers. Stator EV Charging is an NICEIC Approved Contractor, is a member of the City & Guilds scheme and is TrustMark-registered. In addition, Stator is part of the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme and also the Safety Scheme in Procurement

Without a doubt, Stator EV Charging is best-in-industry and ready to assist all East Midlands businesses now.

Find Out How To Charge Your Electric Vehicles NOW

If you want to provide onsite electric vehicle charging to your staff or visitors, a Stator EV Charging Engineer is ready to provide you with all the information you need. You’ll learn what’s available for your organisation’s power supplies, electric vehicle charging demands, functionality, aesthetics, and budget.

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